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Feel the Lump

This is one of the most inspiring things I have heard in a long time. My girlfriend was invited to a “Feel the Lump” party. A friend of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had done regular self exams but had no idea that she had a tumor because it felt completely different than what she had expected. She thought that she could help her friends by letting them feel her lump so that they would know what they were feeling for when they did their own self-exams. The invitation to the event is below…

To my friends whom I care very much for:

This Thursday, 2/7 @9:30am you can have a unique opportunity to improve your health education as my friends and I will be hosting a “Feel the Lump” coffee hour. As I’ve mentioned, early detection in breast cancer is key and mammograms and monthly breast examinations are key to early detection.

Before I found my lump I always wondered what a lump felt like. Even when I did find it I dismissed it at first. Certainly I’ve had cysts in my breast that felt hard t cancerous. They came and went, they moved around, they got harder and softer. And what do they mean when they say check for breast asymmetry or puckering of skin. How do you know? Now is your chance to feel what a tumor feels or at least what mine feels like. (No this won’t be a groping session but guided touching will be allowed!) Not all tumors are created equal but I can definitely feel a difference between this and a cyst. And no, you don’t have to show me But weren

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll do this and I’m not trying to freak you out or make someone feel uncomfortable. Please learn from my experience if you can. You can also just hang out and drink coffee if you want. It will not be a somber occasion. I may need a stiff drink afterwards!

So put on your big girl panties and join us for this unprecedented event! This is a limited time offer. The chemo will shrink the lump so it won’t be around forever!

14 Apr 2008


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