Our mission is to find cures for women’s cancers by distributing large grants to the most promising scientists whose research is focused on developing new targeted treatments.

The current standard of care for most cancers is designed to destroy tumors. It usually involves surgery to remove the tumor, non-specific chemotherapeutic drugs designed to kill all rapidly growing cells in the body (whether they are cancerous or not), and radiation directed at the tumor. Doctors often do not even know if this toxic regimen will be effective when prescribed and the short-term and long-term side effects can severely damage patients’ quality of life. The goal of the Noreen Fraser Foundation is to help researchers develop new non-toxic therapies in order to improve patient outcomes.

The Noreen Fraser Foundation utilizes film, television and web technologies to raise money as well as to educate and raise awareness about women’s cancers. The funds raised will be used to provide large grants to uniquely qualified cancer researchers. Admittedly, our approach will enable us to fund fewer researchers, but will provide an environment of success for those that we do fund. We believe the money funneled into women’s cancers, although extremely important, is not being channeled into enough of the right places. It is being divided amongst hundreds of researchers with thousands of ideas and is not making a significant impact on patient outcomes. We believe that focused funding specifically designated toward research to find cures is the only way we can give this generation more than just hope to pass onto the next generation.

The key is focus… Focused Funding, Focused Research, Focused Cures.


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